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What Carole Altendorf (505) 890-1887 Said To all Actors, experienced or just starting out. Something I wanted to share with you I feel could be of interest to some of you and maybe save you any needless expense or grief.

This is currently happening in New Mexico but I'm sure it's also going on in other locations. In New Mexico Photographer/Actress/Owner of Creative Juices Productions

Carole Altendorf (505) 890-1887 creativejuicesproductionsllc@gmail.com

FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/carole.altendorf

Business Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CreativeJuicesProductions

1st Note: Since the restructuring of the SAG-AFTRA merge there has not been a SAG rep for New Mexico since June 2013.

If someone sends you an email telling you "things I know are FACTS!" please use due diligence. I'm sure the service they offer is excellent and may be worth every dollar you pay. Even if they are a SAG-AFTRA Actor/Actress like she is, it doesn't mean they are correct.

Check around, Google, Bing, etc. and ask any casting directors you know or work with about any information they say about casting directors. Regardless if they are a SAG-AFTRA union member or not doesn't make it any more factual. Ask other actors if they mind showing you their headshot or resume.

There are plenty of sample resumes/cover letters available to look at on the internet.

Go to http://www.imdb.com/ and look up your favorite actor and many will have a link to their web sites or post their resume for viewing/downloading. Set yours up the same way as the one you like.

If you like the style and it's clean and can be read easily ask them if you can use their style. Majority will say sure, go ahead.

The requirement, according to our SAG rep here in Albuquerque, who has been a wonderful mentor for me, is that in New Mexico an actor must have an 8 x 10 photo with a resume stapled to the back. The name must be on the lower right corner of the photo with a specific font. If a photo does not follow these guidelines, casting directors will reject them immediately. There is also a special format for the resume/credits. I offer those service as well, and the price is dependent upon each project. "

I’m not going to argue with you about things I know are facts.

I do not charge for information!!!! Please do not contact me again.

If she doesn't charge then why does she say she does above. "There is also a special format for the resume/credits. I offer those service as well, and the price is dependent upon each project. " There is no special format to headshots or resumes.

I contacted 17 casting directors and 15 producers over this as well as several in New Mexico and the replies so far (in so many words) it's hog wash. Most locals only know of 4 or 5 main casting directors.

Casting director responses.

----------------- EG Casting
Bleh!!! it is a good idea to have an 8X10 with your resumed stapled to the back, but for heaven's sake. A casting director is not going to reject on that grounds. If we need you we need you.

** Update

Oddly enough Elizabeth Gable now rents her space at her studio.

----------------- McCall Casting
NOT true! I have no idea who Carole Altendorf is and where she gets this info.

---------------- Jo Edna Casting
Nonsense. We are looking for a character. Anyone can get cast. Just need a recent photo and professionalism for background. Just make sure its a clear photo.

-------------- K Bring Casting
All the Casting Directors in NM will accept and keep on file headshots and resumes regardless of the format as long as they are basicly clear and follow some very basic resume rules. We realize that when actors are new to this market they may be seeking out headshot photographers and may not have their "ideal" headshot yet. If an actor has an interesting look, training and shows promise with their commitment I will accept what ever they have to give me at the moment and be happy to give them feedback on their headshots or resumes.

If you or other actors are seeking new headshots for a reasonable price there are many good headshot photographers in ABQ and NM. I always tell an actor to look at other actors headshots and resume and use their photographer and format

---------------- Midthunder Casting
So NOT true for us,